Art Concept ♥  Heart Concept

Children’s Heart

The first piece of our works is destined for children’s heart


Why ?

Because deep inside all of us, there has always been the  of a child beating.

We should keep in mind where we come from.

This is who I am, but also all I’ve been through, that make my way today.

And if I disagree with this reality, I should go for a Change.


Open Heart

The second piece of our works is destined for women’s heart


Why ?

Because, within each and every human being, resides a feminine energy.

As long as women won’t be respected, loved and duly recognized, the world will be sad, oppressed and unbalanced.

Feminine energy is essential to restore harmony and inspire peace in each human’s heart.


Art-Money & Harmony

Other piece of our works is destined for Great Men.

Maîtrises Les Grands Hommes


Why ?

Because, within each and every human being, is a male energy, and we all know that Men and Women are Destiny.

Because skilled and experienced men know « The Secret » to reach Great Objectives : Being a Great Human Leader.

Without taking time with people, with no interest nor confidence, without knowing them, their concerns, their strenghs, their vulnerabilities and talents, without boldness, loyalty and pugnacity, without working all together towards the same direction… We will never reach the target.

It’s hard to be a woman, but it’s even harder to be a Great Man and keep on dealing with female energy.

Since the Stone Age, physical means rule the world. That’s how the stronger sex designed law, business, politics… society

Et si le diable était une femme

Is it really different nowadays ? Let say no.

Even though, many people still consider women as weaker sex, Great Man really aspires to change this sad and inequitable situation. He takes risk of speaking, claiming, showing up… He makes the difference. He does love the Woman with respect and generosity she deserves, but often woman can’t see it. Which is a tragedy for both of them.

Together, they live all the suffering outcomes and conséquences generated by justice of men through history.

Nevertheless, the One who makes the Change can’t stand anymore, being mixed among the « others ». He wants to be discried and respected. No more mistrust.


Difference will make the Change !

Who We Are ?

We are the Voices who tell, sing and dance and turn History into Happiness, Freedom, Joy and Peace.

We know all about you ! We are where you are, where you hope, where you dream…

We are the difference that will make the Change with You and for You !

Are You Now Ready to Change the World ?

« We can make Dreams come true »

So, let’s listen, write and create our new History, all together, and let make it Real, Now !

We are the World

It’s together that we build it !

And I’m not the first who said those words…